10 Tips to Care for your Luxury Watches

I found some interesting article that migh be helped for you who wearing wrist watch.

If you have a middle or high-grade mechanical watch, Maybe you should give it a complete maintenance every two or three years, i.e, replace water resistant Components, check whether it's still accurate and how about movement deterioration, clean the movement and make appearance maintenance, etc. these will surely extend the service life of your Mechanical watch. Just take a rest to check the following 10 simple tips about how to maintain your mechanical watches:

  1. Not Wearing watches for days, maybe you should wind it up manually, shake or swing for several minutes to get it winded up if your watch is automatic, which may keep all the functions fine.
  2. Don't open the back case too often, to avoid getting dust in and being out of normal work.
  3. Don't place your watches everywhere there's camphor balls, which will drive the oil in the watch useless.
  4. Don't put your watches on or besides your amplifier machine, audio, TV and other similar home devices, to prevent from magnetization.
  5. When wearing your watches, note that your sweat out of your skin will corrode the case, better if it's made of Ni-Cr alloy for overall steel watches, or it may get corroded in case worn on your wrist for many hours, therefore, it will be nice to dry the sweat with cloth or lay a watch stand below the back case during a rest.
  6. Cystal renovation. After months' wears, your crystal may get scratched. Give a few drops of water on the face, and a little of toothpaste, then you can get the crystal back to new by Rubbing the face!
  7. When receiveing your lovely watches, and unfolding outer package, do remember keeping all the boxes. these boxes can protect your watches from dropped or stricken! it's very nice if you can lay it back to boxes when you don't wanna wear them, which will reduce the rate of damage greatly.
  8. Better not wear the same watch for days, more than one watch in storage will be good. not only it helps you be more stylish, but avoid more dust accumulation on the same watch. Take more care of your leather watch bracelet, in case of wear and tear duing to often wearing, or it may look likes an old item even a new watch.
  9. Don't sleep with your watches on your wrist. It's bad for your health if it's luminous, this is because the luminous watch dial indicator and the coating of luminescent material, is mainly a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide, radium-ray can stimulate light-emitting zinc sulfide crystals. Sleeping with watches, you may get unhealthy ray radiation, too. Better way you may folllow is taking off you watch from you wrist and laying it on your desk.
  10. Mechanical watch gets damped? dont worry, try pressing it with dry cotton, then baking for 5 minutes besides a 40W bulb(laid about 15cm away), all the humidity will get out! But how if you gotta a quartz watch? Just take a bit of calcium chloride, packed with soft coth, then open the case of your quartz watch, and encase the packed calcium chloride and your watch into a sealed plastic bag or glass bottles, normally you will get your quartz watch fine three hours or more later.
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